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Rachel Levine  created CyberYenta way back in the days before Google, Facebook, Twitter, dry cleaning, or bowling.   She paid good money for her MFA in fiction from Brooklyn College, only to end up having to make a living!  Since nobody knew what the heck to make of computers, she figured she would give it a shot. If she did it wrong who would know?And from that, she made a living!

She learned many things about technology, most importantly that she should get used to feeling like a nincompoop dozens of times every day.  The good news was that, So Did Everyone Else!


So she stopped getting rejection letters and started to

happier than a poem. Why, I don't know.

get a paycheck.  A paycheck makes a landlord

But, as her grandma Fannie used to say, "She got

So she decided to write about what she knew. And 

Just read the book to find out.

When her agent showed the book to publishers

(the ones who watch the check book) said "NO!

one will buy this book, so we won't sell it!" And 

character until Levine finally saved up enough

the writing bug."  Antibiotics did not work.

by now, boy did she know a lot! 

they flipped their lids!  But the important people

The world doesn't know this Yenta person. No

so CyberYenta really did become a "Cyber"

pennies to self-publish.

If you can't get enough, visit her "serious" writing web site:

(She even won some awards and other dreck that landlords don't seem to want either.)

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