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CyberYenta's Commentary

Men & Women & Conversation

The thing a man can't understand about a woman is that she loves talk. She loves to talk and to be talked to.  She loves to drink coffee and talk, to eat cake and talk, to talk on the phone while doing the dishes, talk and more talk.  Talk for a woman is like sex is for a man. We can go a few days without, but after awhile we get backed up.  We have to find someone to talk to.  A man, on the other hand, loves sex.  He can have sex while on the phone, while drinking coffee, while eating cake.  But for a woman life is easier because talking is not a private thing you only do with your husband.  In fact, most married women would prefer not to have talk with their husbands.  With their husbands they have sex, with their friends they have talk.  


The problem comes in when two people, a man and a woman, try to combine sex and talk.  You might think since these are the two things they love to do, that doing them at the same time would be twice as much fun.  But it turns out it isn't the case. The only kind of talk a man wants during sex is about sex. And this isn't the kind of talk a woman is used to.  A man thinks a woman doesn't talk during sex because she is embarrassed, but it so happens a woman prefers to say nothing at all because she knows if she tries to talk during sex she'll probably start talking about the sale on sofas at Macy's.

Women are the opposite.  For us talk is a very public thing. How many times has this happened: a couple is waiting on line somewhere, or sitting on a train or in a theater when the wife starts up a conversation with the woman next to her. Everything is discussed: the job, the house, shopping, children, how long thy were in labor 30 years ago, even private things about her husband's family. When she’s done, her husband asks “How do you know her?” And she answers,“I on’t know her!”


These two women probably never even got each other’s names and may never meet again, but, they had talk together and they both feel better now.

All I ask is that you think about it.

Shalom and we'll talk again soon,


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